Monday, 10 September 2007

Review: Opera (Опера)

Opening Hours: Thu/Fri/Sat 12am - last guest
Category: Megaclub, Ultra-Exclusive
Feis Kontrol Rating: Tough- 4/5
Address: 6 Trekhgorny Val Ulitsa, Metro: Ulitsa 1905 Goda
Phone: +7 (495) 205-9822 (General), +7 (495) 643-0564 (Table reservations),

Club Opera is the third member of the triumvirate of Megaclubs currently ruling Moscow's nightlife. Lambasted by many clubgoers as a has-been only six months after it opened, swarmed by a younger (below 18) crowd, it has stormed back over the Spring and Summer and is is a genuine contender for best Megaclub in Moscow.

Strong DJ's, live performances by a range of celebrities including recently Shakira, and a rocking Thursday night R'n'B night which makes it the place to be on the Thursday has done great things to bringing a great crowd of friendly regulars, great talent, while still maintaining a younger edge than Dyagilev.

The approach to Opera is guarded by a steel corral more suited to a cattle ranch, guarded by hulking security guards in military fatigues. The entrance is manned by one such Neanderthal, while a diminuitive feis kontroller whispers through a microphone to pass judgement on the penned potential patrons who may be permitted to pass. The feis kontrol here is notoriously unpredictable, and seems to take even greater delight in separating couples, friends, and casting out into the night those who don't play by it's arcane feis kontrol rules.

Despite the nasty first impression, it's worth it to continue into the depths of Opera. The lower level contains the coatcheck and a UFO-like interior of strange silvery padded walls. As you wind your way up the staircase, the pumping music starts to move you of its own accord. You emerge at the top of the stairs into the bright sights and sounds that is Opera. The dazzling display makes you think you really have landed on another planet. In front of you in the centre of the room, a circular bar surrounds a platform for dancing girls and shows, around this is a dance floor, and then circles of stairs rise from the pit for more dancing visibility to the outer ring of tables. The focus of the room is a large stage where more dancers gyrate and elaborate productions are staged mid-evening to keep patrons entertained. The DJ booth is a focal point to the front of the stage who holds sway of a more musically attuned crowd than at a venues like Rai.
Overall, Opera is a fantastic club and a great place to go if you want to party with a familiar crowd, and despite this being a notorious pickup joint with gorgeous girls, it's also easier to go and relax by yourself than at Rai or Dyagilev (if you can get past the Feis Kontrol).
Update: 18/02/2008
Dyagilev's tragedy is Opera's gain! Anka, MoscowMAXIMUM's favourite dancer from Dyagilev, is now strutting her fabulous stuff at Opera!


Nick said...

Nice Club, drinks are from 450 roubles.., great music.Although very loud i think.( i had to scream for the bartender to hear me) Or maybe my russian is really that bad.. lol Lots of girls, very fun :) But as mentioned in the review, the face control is very unpredictable. I only got in twice out of 5 times.. go figure lol

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