Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Review: Evento (Эвенто)

Opening Hours: 7 Days 6am-last customer
Category: Mid-Range, Restaurant, Nightclub
Feis Kontrol Rating: Low - 2/5
Address: Varvarka Ul., 3, Gostinniy Dvor
M: Ploschad Revolyutsii, Kitay Gorod
Phone: +7 (495) 234-3322

A delightfully (if somewhat awkwardly) designed restaurant/nightclub space over two floors, with multiple restaurant decors in separate arched alcoves. Cute multiple bars, cosy dancefloor with hot dancers, great chillout area, and low drink prices. The only thing missing is the people. On several visits around 2am, the only patrons were some bored-looking models who were paid to be there.

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