Sunday, 23 December 2007

Review: Night Flight (Ночной Полет / Найт Флайт)

Opening Hours: 7 days 9pm-5am (Restaurant 6pm-4am)
Category: Democratic
Feis Kontrol Rating: Low - 1/5, Dress nicely
Address: Tverskaya Ul., 17
M: Pushkinskaya/Tverskaya/Chekovskaya
Phone: +7 (495) 629-4165

Despite this site's focus on reviewing the latest and greatest of Moscow nightlife and its nightclub scene, I hope to ultimately cover most of what Moscow has to offer, and where better to start than the longest-running and most famous of Moscow's nightspots- Night Flight? (Besides, this site gets so many visitors deposited from Google searches looking for Night Flight, the demand is obviously there).
Let's get one thing straight- Night Flight is not (and nor does it really pretend to be) anything but what it is- a hooker bar. People generally go there to pick up prostitutes. This is not my area of specialty, and I can't vouch for the quality of any of their services or expertise. What I will say, is that from a purely aesthetic point of view, while there are plenty of attractive girls there, many are somewhat past their prime, and my understanding is the hottest girls available for this type of entertainment are best found at strip clubs like Bordo, Safari, etc. (again, not my area of expertise).

If you're not looking for hookers, there's only three (OK, maybe 2.5) possible reasons to go there:
1) The Scandinavian restaurant upstairs is actually really good (no, I'm not kidding).
2) If you're new to or visiting Moscow and you've never experienced a hooker bar before, it's worth it just to visit for a drink (included in the cover charge). The experience of being fawned over by dozens of gorgeous women with eye-opening proposals (sometimes the only English they know) is pretty entertaining.
2.5) If it's a Monday or Tuesday night and you're REALLY stuck for anywhere to go that has any life or people at all, then I've heard this as a justification to be at Night Flight (but I don't believe it)

Photos: Night Flight

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Nick said...

Well, my former boss went there.( He was invited by Orangina,between 6th and 9th of november if i remember corectly the dates) it was either a monday and tuesday night. Aparently he had an amazing time. Spent alot of money..and Of course... cheated on his wife.. lol