Saturday, 27 October 2007

Review: Bacardi Bar/ I Fiori (Бакарди Бар / И Фиори)

Opening Hours: 24/7
Category: Pre-Party, Lounge
Feis Kontrol Rating: Easy- 1/5
Address: Novy Arbat 36/9
M: Smolenskaya
Phone: +7 (495) 290-7160

This weekend saw the opening of Bacardi Bar (officially called I Fiori), a new branded drinking establishment to join he ranks of Chivas, Courvoisier, Ballantynes, etc.

The is a large roughly square establishment, with brightly painted Bacardi-oriented murals on the wall houses a selection of lounge-like seating around tables for eating, drinking, hookahs, although as yet no dancing on tables. The space seems comfortable, but more akin to a quieter lounge than an active pre-party (think Simachev or Bar 7), so given the bar's likely extended opening hours, this may end up as a more popular all-hours cafe/lounge (e.g Gallereya, Courvoisier) than pre-party venue.

I will be interested to return on a non-opening weekend to see how it settles in, but on this first visit, the pumping (but good) music didn't really fit with the relaxed lounges & garish walls. To really support the music, I tihnk more standing/dancing area would be required than is currently available.

The bar is centrally located in the room, withi minimal manoevering space around it. The crowd is a mix of the usual Moscow club scene, mixed with a more corporate look, as if the bar is trying to reach out to a less fickle group of patrons.

Overall, definitely worth a follow-up visit or two to check out the food and how the crowd and atmosphere settle down, but a welcome addition to this part of town.


Update: 14/11/2007:
Went for a late dinner on a recent Tuesday, crowd has settled down to a Galereya-type crew (but a little less wannabe), food is good (but typically overpriced), and I Fiori has a mellow feel to it. Definitely a good place to bring a crew to chill with a hookah and have something to eat.