Friday, 14 September 2007

Review: Versus (Версус)

Opening Hours: 12pm-last customer, Fri/Sat
Category: Megaclub
Feis Kontrol Rating: Straighforward- 2/5
Address: 15A Oruzheyniy Pereulok
Phone: +7 (495) 225-1913
Website: N/A

Last night was the much anticipated (or at least over-advertised) launch of Versus, the first of the Fall Season nightclub openings in Moscow. A slightly damp (due to the miserable weather) crowd of Moscow clubbers, b (or c)-list celebrities, and the usual beautiful people entered the labyrinth and descended into the depths of this newly opened club near Mayakovskaya.

The venues is a confusing mix of stairways, labyrinthine rooms spread over 2 (or was it three?) floors, with a series of balconies and a glass walkway overlooking the central dancefloor and obligatory gogo girls. The design is fairly industrial and the unfinished/exposed/modern look here is central to the theme.

Drink prices are reasonable (at least by Moscow nightclub standards) and despite opening-night issues, the bar crew seemed to know what they were doing.

Unfortunately, despite being pitched at the pafusny clubbers that frequent Dyagilev, Rai, Opera, etc, I didn't get a sense that this club had anything to offer that would entice the current scene away from the reigning trio, so it wil be interesting to see if the club develops futher or quickly becomes a footnote in Moscow nightclub history.

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