Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Moscow Nightlife Beyond the Garden Ring?

As most readers will recognise, MoscowMAXIMUM usually sticks to the newest and hottest places in Moscow, since they're where I generally hang out, and are the places most people want to know about.

In an effort to prove there is life in this city of 16 million people outside the Garden Ring (no, Krysha doesn't count), a group of intrepid friends & I spent much of the weekend frequenting some of the more happening (or not) bars and clubs outside the centre.

Those venues that warranted have received their own reviews, but for those of you who live in the city, the experience is truly worthwhile to visit some of the smaller bars and clubs, just to experience Russian life from a different time and place, sometimes only a couple of km's from the Garden Ring.

In doing these out-of-centre reviews, it's pointless to keep harping on about how the music, dancers, design, girls, crowd, etc, are not as good as Moscow's hottest places, so I have only noted these things when offenses have been truly egregious or I've been pleasantly surprised. Caveat Clubbor!

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