Thursday, 25 December 2008

Moscow Girls & The Financial Crisis

It's official, the global financial crisis has hit Russia. Never mind the markets tanked six months ago, these days even nightclub dancers are asking me about "nash finansoviy krisis" (our financial crisis)- As far as I'm concerned, if even these illuminated bastions of global commerce have now figured out that something's going on, we're all fucked.

But never mind that commodity prices are in the toilet, and the oil price that keeps Russia afloat on it's ocean of rubles (30 to the USD anyone? Do I hear 40?) is plumbing new depths not seen since 2005, the most important question is yet to be addressed: How is this impacting the richest of Russia's resources- the Devushki? (Russian girls).

As part of MoscowMAXIMUM's mandate to provide hard-hitting journalistic coverage of what matters most to Muscovites, I took it upon myself to see how the patrons of Moscow's hottest venue Soho Rooms is handling the crisis via a sample of photos taken from just a single night (20 December, if you're interested).

"I used to be a broker at Renaissance Capital, but now they call me DJ Krisis."

"Crisis? What Crisis? I'll always have Botox."

These days some girls will even accept an Audi instead of the mandatory Porsche Cayenne from prospective sponsors. Market forces at work!

Or better still, take Nastya and Katya for a 2-for-1 deal, they're apparently happy to share an apartment, wardrobe, and hair stylist.

"Got coke? My dealer is now a Zhiguli taxi driver."

"I know, I know, but he's younger than the last one, and I hear he has US Dollars!"

Thankfully the dancers are still doing their stuff, distracting poor patrons from the harsh realities of everyday Moscow life... Wait a second- this IS everyday Moscow life!

The guy on the left used to be a property oligarch, the guy on the right was his banker.

Feis Kontrol is getting so lax, they're even letting this dude into the club.

"My husband converted all his holdings into gold six months ago, and all I got was this lousy dress with a fake bow!"

The alluring "Sponsor Dance", caught on film.

"Don't mind me, I'm just a tourist, and can pay Euros!"

Apparently Soho converted the cigar bar into a "Passion Room" (since there wasn't enough of that already in the bathrooms).

Thankfully more dancers than ever before, on the mantlepiece, in the windows, under the chairs.

"Please leave me and my accountant in peace, this is our last night before fleeing the country."

He looks more worried than she does about where their next drink is coming from.

Yup, just had to make sure- still plenty of hot girls making funny faces.

And since I know that most of you are just interested in pictures of hot Russian girls (yes, I do track the Google search terms used to find this site), here are some more pictures just for you:

For even more, (not to mention the hysterical soundtrack- Remember: "Soho Rooms Is Good For Your Image") check out

Merry Christmas everyone!

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