Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Weekend Debauchery- Andreas' Birthday at Rai

So, I hadn't wanted to write about Rai a second time before I had made some more posts about other clubs, but Saturday night at Rai deserves an honourable mention, if no for other reason than a "new Moscow" celebration of excess.

It was Andreas' (Rai's creator and promoter) Birthday, and Rai wanted to do something to try and outdo Sinisha Lazarevich (of Dyagilev fame), who celebrated his birthday a couple of weeks ago. The first sign that something was seriously different was the hundreds-deep throngs of people out the front of the club, which was ill-equipped to handle the masses of people trying to get into the party. The beautiful people who weren't cool enough to use the VIP entrance were pulled through the crowds by a harried (but under the circumstances pretty impressive) tag-team effort by Feis Kontrol and Security.

It's a Moscow spectacle, and quite spellbinding to see hordes of tall, scantily-clad, gorgeous girls clawing at each other and shoving to get entry to an old factory. If you value your life, do NOT get in their way.

Upon entry, Andreas was holding court, pontificating for the assembled adulating masses, flanked by 20 tall blondes on each side (and a token black girl- I guess even Moscow goes for diversity occasionally).

Things proceeded to get rapidly more entertaining (and horrifying) once Andreas stripped down to his shorts and jumped into the pool with a dozen strippers from the Office. I don't know that words can really add anything to these photos.

Photos: geometria.ru

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