Thursday, 17 May 2007

Welcome to MoscowMAXIMUM

Welcome to MoscowMAXIMUM. As a longtime Moscow resident and an avid fan of its outstanding nightlife, I thought an up-to-date guide to Moscow's clubland would be a valuable addition to a city where "the" place to be can vary from week-to-week.

People unfamiliar to the scene ask many questions about the best places to go, how to get in, and other Moscow nightlife rituals that seem bizarre to clubgoers in NY, London, Buenos Aires and other nightlife centers. I hope to be able to shed some light (or at least one person's warped opinion) on these pressing subjects.

MoscowMAXIMUM doesn't plan to review strip clubs or hooker bars (even Night Flight). These are well-advertised enough elsewhere. While stripping, sex, and payments for both occur in most venues reviewed, these are (generally) not the primary source of revenue for these clubs.

I hope MoscowMAXIMUM is a useful reference for you. Any thoughts, comments, suggestions, feedback, or ideas for places to review or topics to cover, please email


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